I Have A Dog With A Sore On Her Butt, And It Is Infected And Ooozy. It Has Been This Way For Several Months, Isn't Getting Any Better Or Worse. Is About 2 Inches Around, But Very Deep? Help!


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He may well have compacted or infected anal glands take him to the vet so they can be emptied as this is very uncomfortable for him and when they do empty them you may want to stand away from him because it will really stink when they empty them!
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  first I would  make  sure  someone  didn't  shoot my  dog. If  your  dog was  shot  I would  take  it  to the  vet and report it to the  law.  If it is  from  an itch  and  bleeding  I would  start with cleaning it  out  with  phroxide  and  then  firt aid cream . If it  doesn't  start to heal or look better in the next day or  so I would  call the  vet to see what they  think would  he  good  to do next.
Please take her to the vet, she has a butt abscess. The vet needs to pop it ( just like a zit) trust me if you do this she will be better in no time!!
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No shes got an infected anal gland that needs to be emptied don't worry its nothing serious.

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