My Dog Has Trouble Walking Hes Stumbling Around.. And Licking His Lips Alot.. This All Started About 6 Hrs Ago.. Hes A Small Breed Dog His Eyes Seem Watery, But Hes Got Allergies. Could It Be An Inner Ear Problem?


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Lip licking  in dogs can be due to excessive salvation or drooling which can be due to some specific stimuli like food, excitement etc and  part of self grooming.  Some pathological conditions like stress,  gum & dental diseases, tongue injury, stomach disorders, mouth ulcers, tumors in mouth, and  some metabolic disorders can cause lip picking in dogs.

Watery eyes in the dogs can develop due to irritation in the eyes or abnormal tear drainage. Irritation in the eyes can be due to
  1. Bacterial or viral conjunctivitis
  2. Glaucoma
  3. Problems in the eyelids and eyelashes
  4. Allergy to smoke, dust and air pollution  
Inner ear problems can cause head shaking, head tilt, circling, stumbling, rolling, and many other general signs of illness. The inner ear problems can be due to bacterial, fungal and viral infections, trauma, polyps, cancer and foreign objects. Your dog might have inner ear inflammation as he is stumbling which requires complete blood count, and x-rays after physical examination to diagnose properly. So, take your dog to vet.   

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