Why Does A Female Dog Get Blisters And Sores On Her Vaginal Area?


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There are many possible reasons for this however you should take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. One reason for this could be a yeast infection which could spread to other parts of the body. Yeasts usually live on the digestive tracts of the dogs body and are divided into several groups, some of which live off the sugars and fats in the body. Symptoms and effects of this include ear mites, digestive problems, allergic reactions, diabetes, infertility, stiff joints and clogged sinuses. Sometimes the skin will become red and thick due to excessive itching by the dog.
Staphylococcus dermatitis is also a possible cause for bumps and spots around the lower area of a dog. Staph is group of bacteria that is commonly found on the skin which inflames the affected areas. Staph lives on the skin normally but can multiply and invade the skin once the skin has been irritated. If the main cause of any skin problems is staph, this will be confirmed through a skin biopsy or with cultures.
You should examine the blisters and see if they look like blood blisters. These could be ticks under the skin as opposed to just blood blisters so do not try bursting them. Bursting ticks in the belief they are blood blisters my cause lyme disease in your dog.
Lick Granuloma is also a condition that affects the skin. This is basically canine OCD and causes the dog to excessively lick and so the skin becomes irritated. This should not directly cause blistering but could be a basis trigger. Also try changing the foods so that any fatty elements do not harm irritated skin parts.
Before taking your dog to the vet, you should also check your dogs behaviour. Is she scratching lots? Is she acting like she’s discomforted or in pain? Is she sleeping lots and behaving normally? Do not rely on the Internet to diagnose this problem.

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