Why Does My Dog Sound Horse When Barking,and Odd Breathing Sounds?


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He may have a cold, it could be almost anything. My little dogs get it once in a while. They re little throats sound dry. Make sure he's got plenty of fresh water. Try putting a little oil with his dry food. He may just have a sore throat. If he hasn't improved in a day or two, I'd call the vet.
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Hisdimple, The post u answered has been submitted twice but the other post gives even more symptoms. I really think this person should be seeing a vet for a chect out rather than asking posters on here. They should show more responsibility to their animal. Cheers Aileeny.
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This is why they were asking the question, so they could find out what to do, and to help the animal. Not all people that own animals are rocket scientists and activists in this area, they aren't born to it. So, those that do know can help those that don't know, can get the help in helping the animal. Patience is needed with many owners as we all learn from the get go. Sorry Dimps, this had to be said!! ^_^ Love your answer!!! Thumbs up hon!!!
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Depending on the breed, some animals do sound like they are suffocating, and believe it or not, there are some animals that really have allergies. I strongly suggest that you take the pup to the vet and have a thorough physical done. This will help you to identify what might or is going on with your pet. Hope this helps you out. ^_^ Best of luck to you.
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I hope someone with animal experience can seriously answer your question and I will share it to see if someone can help you.

Your question has me laughing here as I am imagining your dog neighing when trying to bark and making odd sounds.  The word you should have used is hoarse for your dog's vocal problems, a horse is an animal.  I am glad I am not the only one who has a funny moment.  Thanks for cheering me up.
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Solentjay, the above post has been posted twice but the 2nd post gives more info!!. I have answered both. This dog really needs to be checked with a vet.
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Several breeds of dog inherit distressing breathing problems because of recessive genes.  You do not say if your dog is a certain breed or not where this could be a cause. If it is then I would most certainly see a vet as certain breed probs. Can be helped. ///Having said that I would urge you to have him/her checked anyway as he could have something lodged in his throat etc etc.// No dog should have odd breathing sounds and with the HOARSENESS too it suggests several reasons. So please take him to the experts for a check out. ///The fact that you have noticed something wrong with his breathing etc also points to a needed check. So please take him without delay as breathing probs. Are distressing.

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