My Dog Has A Red Itchy Rash On Her Feet, And It Looks Very Sore. Can Anyone Help?


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What is causing the skin rash on my dog's feet?

Although I cannot make a very accurate suggestion from the information provided, I can speculate that the rash on your dog's skin is most likely due either to an allergy or to some form of infection.

Both these issues should be able to be treated quickly and effectively by a vet, who will lso be able to perform a detailed examination of the area in question, and can establish what is wrong.

The vet will also be able to check that this rash on your dog's feet is not the result of a more serious condition.

  • Certain allergies can irritate the skin on your dog's feet, which will cause the animal to continue scratching at the problem area until it becomes very raw and painful.
  • Bacterial, fungal or parasitic infections can also cause symptoms such as these. Usually, the vet can take care of these problems quite swiftly.
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It sounds as if you have already tried a lot of different things already to help with the rash.

Have you considered changing the food you have been feeding your dog to a hypoallergenic brand?
I have also heard that a product called Dermacton works well for itchy skin.

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