How Often Should A Four Week Old Kitten Use The Bathroom?


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A four week old kitten shouldn't need any stimulation to urinate and defecate. By that age they should be doing it well enough on their own. In general, cats urinate twice a day and defecate once a day. Of course, it varies as every cat is an individual, but that's the most common scenario.

If they otherwise seem great, then they may not be using the litter box every time and that's why you are not finding anything. You can take the kitten to the box and help it dig around with their front paws and give it lots of praise to encourage it to use the litter. A few brief sessions a few times a day are often all that's needed.

If it is a bit sluggish, their appetite is down, or they are vomiting, then I'd recommend having your vet check them out. A quick feel of their belly will tell the vet if their bladder is full or if they are constipated.
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Well I think you may have a problem but if you can't afford a vet, Just try this take a warm wet soft bath cloth and rub the kittens butt and it will poop and go pee pee, just do that for a minute or longer til it goes potty as you rub the butt rub it tummy also it will work I have kittens and I do it with every litter to help my momma cat.... If you have any other problems ask me, I'll love to help..
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Like they said before rub a washcloth with warm water rub its butt and tummy with that that should work
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So the kitten hasn't had a bowel movement since you've had it? I believe you are suppose to rub the belly with a warm washcloth but depending how long it's been maybe YOU SHOOULD GO TO THE VET

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