I'm Caring For A Very Very Small 7 Week Old Kitten, What Should She Eat?


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Sue Gill answered
I have had cats for a long time --what brand of food are you feeding kitty--there are some brands that are better than others--go to a pet store and ask them for suggestions--I think it is good that the dog wants to play but since kitty is so small do be careful--
Mazie Stone Profile
Mazie Stone answered
Give it wet kitten food.Thats what I feed my 5 week old kitten!There so young that they have a hard time chewing.I only use haf the can and my kitten eats it fine!He enjoys it 2.Its healthier and easier for them to chew and swallow!Hope this helped you :)
{My kitten's name is Miles}
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kara brugier answered
Usually you should feed them can food when they are babies

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