Is It Normal For A Cat To Drink Alot Of Water?


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awawa tokyo answered
It's not normal for cats to drink lots of water, she might get kidney infection, overactive thyroid or diabetes. So please take your cat to the vet for examination and its also better to take blood test as soon as possible.
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Glen Thornbury answered
Drinking a lot of water should not mean a trip to the vet. Mother Nature makes animals do things that helps them naturally. A lot of water will clean their systems naturally!
However I would look at it's gums, and if the color is Pale, it has worms.
If it has fleas they get tape worms from them, through the blood.
Don't panic Mother Nature is pretty good!
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I found that cats take spurts in drinking a lot of water. And sometimes not. Depends on what they are eating. Dry food or wet food. Does that help you?

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