Does Cat Dry Nose Mean It Is Sick?


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My cats usually only have dry noses.. Randomly they will be wet.. But for the most part they are dry.. They drink and eat enough, and are extremely healthy happy playful 6 yr old kitties..
I am not a vet, but I have worked with a vet and also at a kennel for cats only and from years of experience working with cats as well as having this issue in my own cats, I would suggest to trust your instincts.. If you're cats are acting normal and don't appear to be sick in any other way, then I wouldn't give your money away to people who don't know your kitty like you do. If they are acting different than they normally do (ie, sitting in an odd spot, or sleeping a weird way, or not eating or drinking as much, anything off from their regular personality (being lethargic when normally playful, being affectionate when normally a loner, or vice versa)) or if they have discharge coming out of their nose etc, then I would take them to the vet. But I wouldn't take them just because their noses are dry if they are showing no other signs..
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This can happen due to many reasons
1. Suffering from lack of water and dehydration
2. Suffering from allergies or
3. Signs of old age

You can tell if your cat is entering old age when he does not jump onto his favorite perches easily, or at all. He will asleep more, and when awake, he will move slowly and with a hint of stiffness. However the cat will be as prone to arthritis and backaches and dry noses due to dehydration for a long time. Although you may not notice at first because he is adept are keeping to a routine, your cat may start to loose his hearing and sight Its a good idea to let him up and call his name before you approach him.

Dehydrations are another reason of dry nose.This is however when your cat can no longer eat or drink on her will to engage inn his normal pastimes, it is to be shown to the vet as a point to care for them to give a healthy life. Its always good to consult the vet.
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No, it just means that they are cool. Just like dogs noses get wet when they are hot, same thing for cats, they are just cooled off. If they get hot, there noses will get wet. Do you have the air conditioner on??
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It probably just means it does not feel good or has a little fever but a lot of cats get just like mine do
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Kitten 5-7 months, dry nose, loose stools, warm ears, playful, eating, drinking, has been this way for almost 7 weeks and doesnt act like anything is wrong with her, what am I missing???
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My cats has been acting weires, like sleeping not active really at all and has a dry nose. He hasent moved all day. What should I check for? He's a year old
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It can mean they are ill,
Or have what is called hyfrated cat flu
This can be cured at home by rest water/milk and dry food
If this carrys on for more than 2 days visit your local vet for a check up
Believe me, I'm a student vet nurse
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Yes it does and it shows there not very well if they throw up if the do so feed them dry food and try and give the water evert half hour
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Christen Braundmeier
A cat's nose will not always be wet and cold. Their nose gets warm and dry when they sleep, just like people's noses do. You can tell if your cat has a fever if it's ears and feet are hot, as well as the dry nose.

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