Is It Ok For My Dog To Drink River Water?


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As far as possible domestic dogs should not be allowed to wade in or drink river water. The simple reason being that river water is not treated and made potable. It will contain bacteria which may be harmful for the dog as it is for human beings.

Once the dog's digestive tract is infected, it may give rise to infections and diseases which will cause complications later on and will need medical attention. In certain cases when the river water contains algae, it may be quite dangerous for the dog. Some species of blue-green algae release toxins when their cells are damaged and hence are poisonous and may even kill the dog. Moreover, dogs tend to swim in water and lick their coats afterward. If they go into water with these algae, and lick their coat afterwards, they will be affected by the toxins released by the algae.

Water is vital for survival of all animals and a dog is no exception. Water is needed for the regulation of the body's temperature and make up for the loss due to urination and respiration. Water given to our dogs should be must be healthy and fresh; it is good to give our dogs mineral or spring water if we know that the natural water is contaminated.

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