Why Does My Cat Love To Drink My Hot Bath Water?


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There are a number of reasons why your cat might prefer your warm bath water:

  • It associates warm liquid with its mother's milk
  • The water is fresher because it's just come out of the tap
  • Your cat feels safer drinking when you're in the bath because it assumes you're looking out for it
Why does my cat drink bath water?
Until you learn to speak 'cat', there's no way of finding out the real reason behind this behavior, but you can rest assured that it's perfectly normal.

My cat will drink out of pretty much anything except his designated water bowl - he even drinks from the toilet (I only found out when I noticed little paw prints inside the bowl).

As I mentioned above, there are many reasons why your cat might feel compelled to drink from your bath water - cats tend to do whatever they want, and sometimes there's just no understanding them!

Why cats drink from bathtubs
One possible reason that I find rather endearing is that your cat might feel that bath time is a safe time to go for a drink.

When a cat drinks, it has often got its back turned to any potential danger - so a cat will pick its drinking time wisely. If your feline friend knows you're sitting around in the bath tub, this might make it feel more secure, because you're there to watch its back as it has a refreshing drink.

Whatever the reason, you can work around this problem by simply making sure your cat has a constant supply of fresh water in its bowl - and you can also try shutting the bathroom door next time you run a bath!
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It is totally normal behavior of the cat because cats prefer drinking running water. This is the reason that cats love drinking moving water from the fountain and moving water from a bath tub.
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Hot water makes their body relax and keeps the fir, soft and shiny for a long time but I don't think they like that in summer days.

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