Is It All Right For Cats To Drink Gatorade?


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Can cats drink Gatorade?

It would not be wise to let your cat drink Gatorade or indeed any other fluid apart from water. Water fulfills all the dietary needs of your cat, and other fluids - even milk - can have a adverse affect on your cat's digestive system.

Food products designed for consumption by humans are generally not suitable for your pet cat. This includes foods as well as drinks such as Gatorade.

Be careful of these two main aspects to a cat's dietary needs:

  • Cats need plenty of protein in their diet. They do not have any need for vegetables or fruits to stay healthy - unlike us! This is why the staple food of their diet should be meat, because of the protein it contains.
  • Cats are lactose-intolerant. This means that they find it difficult processing milk and other "rich" fluids. Gatorade will not do any good to your cat's digestive system at all.
If you continue to give your cat this drink, then it will result in your cat being very unwell, and you will have to pay a very large vet's bill.
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Do not give your cat's Gatorade to drink. Accidental exposure may result in mild gastrointestinal upset.

Water should always be available for your cat and is how hydration should be maintained.

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