I Have Six Kittens. One Is Very Small But Playful. Today She Is Cooled And Lifeless. Is There Anything I Can Do?


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It is very likely that she is, you can get a syringe and warm some milk gently and feed the kitty, and set up a heating pad, or keep the kitty in your hands and lap all the time. Make sure you feed the kitty every couple of hours, and get to the pet store and but some formula for the kitty. This is going to be a hard task to do, but if you can pull the kitty through, it will be worth it. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the kitty. Please keep me informed?
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Kittens fade away very fast--yes she may be dying.  A cold lifeless kitten is an emergency.  Take this kitten to a veterinary immediately!  Your veterinarian will help revive the kitten, teach you how to tube feed the kitten and help you care for this kitten.  Raising orphaned kittens or those abandoned by the mother are hard to raise especially if they are very young.
Do NOT place this kitten directly on a heating pad this will lead to severe dermal burns.  If you choose to use a heating pad keep it on low and place a blanket between the kitten and the heating pad. 
Kittens become hypothermic, hypoglycemic, and dehydrated very quickly.  Their bodies cannot handle this and need outside treatment to pull through.  Please seek veterinary attention for this kitten.

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