Is There Anything I Can Do To Make My Cat Comfortable While She Is In Heat?


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For the period of this time, stay your female cat away from any doors, or unmoved male cats. Even the most docile cat will try to get away and find a male to breed with. To avoid the risk of losing your cat, having her injured by a hostile male, receiving a disease, or having a not needed litter of kittens spay your female cat. There are other ways to keep it calm like artificial insertion in its vigina but I do not suggest it.  Bring it a male partner is a better option.
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The only time she will feel comfortable is if she is a) pregnant or b) spayed. Other than that she will be in heat sometimes every two weeks. It is not a comfortable experience for your cat OR you. My advice would be to spend a little extra money on your feline friend and get her spayed. :)
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Unfortunately nobody will spay where i live until they are 6 months so don't be so quick to judge. My cat is 5 months,has an appt on Feb 2, and my vet was kind enough to say if there were any cancellations prior, she would get her in early. This is not likely though. She has been peeing on every blanket in the house and there have been male cats I've never seen everywhere spraying my windows and fighting. She does not have a UTI infection and I am not noticing a two week break here. Any advice?

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