My Cat's Feet Are Cold. This Is The First I've Noticed It. Should I Wait And See How She Is In The Morning? Or Is This An Emergency?


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It's normal for cats paws to be cold. If they walk on a cold surface such as counters, floors or even sit in the sink like mine does If you have your air conditioner on they could be cold from that. There paws are going to be cold just like humans have cold feet. I wouldn't worry about it. But if you are concerned call the vet
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Please observe your cat closely tonight.  If your cat is acting normally--especially if is able to walk and jump normally I would not be too concerned.  Check the temperature in your house to make sure it is not too cold.  If the problem persists tomorrow have your cat examined by a veterinarian.
It is an emergency if your cat is unable to ambulate--walk or jump normally.  Rarely cats can get a blood clot that lodges at the end of the aorta (the largest artery leaving the heart) where the aorta divides to smaller arteries.  This is called a saddle thrombus.  It does not have a good prognosis.  Your veterinarian will make sure there is no trauma or other cause for the cold feed AND the inability to walk or jump.
I hope everything is ok with your cat!

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If there are no changes in behavior or symptoms like warm ears or dry nose, I wouldn't worry too much. :)
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I would wait until morning and see how they are. It sounds odd that they would be cold, I haven't heard anything like this before, if she starts to act oddly however, I would take her in. Hope this helps, good luck.

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