My Pregnant Cat Isnt Producing Milk. This Is Her Second Pregnancy.Her First Litter Died Due To The Same Problem. Any Ideas As To What Might Be Causing This?


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One reason that sounds logical is that maybe you have not been giving high calorie food to your cat. Producing milk requires a lot of energy and may be your cat is lacking in that energy. Look out if your cat is losing weight due to lack of sufficient energy which is causing a problem in milk production. But the best way would be take her to a vet and get her examined.

He/she is a professional and would be more suited to diagnose the problem of your cat and also provide proper methods to cure them. Do it at the earliest because delaying to do so may aggravate the problem and complicate the pregnancy further. An infection of ringworms in their intestinal tract may also be a cause for this occurrence. A vet is the best person to help you out of this problem.

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