How Do You Tell If A Cat Is Producing Milk?


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A cat will produce milk upon birthing. If it is not, you will notice kittens crying and not being able to nurse. There are special formulas you can buy and there are tiny bottles you can feed them with. This or an eye dropper. Do not use cows milk as this is too hard for them to digest.  Cows milk is made for a cow which had 3 stomachs in order to digest and can be harmfull to small kittens
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The kittens can be a good indicator. Puppies and kittens that are fussing all the time could mean they are hungry or mom's milk is infected. If your cat just gave birth it could be a few days till the milk actually comes in and your queen may just be producing colostrum. The best solution is if you are worried call your vet and explain what's worrying you and give them the specifics and they can tell you if they think you need to get everyone in or if your just being a nervous parent :-).
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My kitten is 2 weeks old and starting to meow a lot is that normal or is he hungry
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Jewelly A. Shetka
Babies, feline or otherwise, tend to make noise.
However, if your kitten doesn't look like it swallowed
a ping pong ball (or thereabouts), you might have
to add a bit to Momma's supply.
And if you don't HAVE the Momma, be prepared to
take the kitten and spare baby formula with you.
Kittens should not leave their mothers until fully weaned.
Eight weeks or older. They need to be eating solid food
before going home with someone.

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