How Can You Tell If Your Dog Swallowed A Fox Tail?


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Examine the oral cavity for evidence of fox tails. Fox tails can lodge in tissue anywhere. The fox tail may be in the gum line, under the tongue, wedged between the teeth, or attach to the hard palpate (top of the mouth). To assess if a fox tail is present behind the tonsils or farther down the throat your dog would have to be sedated. Hopefully if your dog swallowed a fox tail it will pass through the digestive tract with no problems. These nasty things can migrate through tissue and cause problems--this is more common in the feet and skin than the digestive tract. Endoscopy can be used to view and retrieve fox tails in the esophagus, stomach, and first part of the small intestine.
Contact your veterinarian if you have further concerns regarding your dog.
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Last Saturday we took our dog to the emergency clinic with drool and swelling in left cheek. They were unable to look in his mouth. After several minutes they took us over to computer and showed us that they would have to remove up to four glands. I did not feel good with that. I asked if we could get something to get him through the weekend. They sold us some antibiotics.After three days dog seems fine.No swelling eating drinking and no drool.

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