What Should I Do If My Dog Swallowed A Balloon?


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Anonymous answered
You need to watch your dog to see if he passes the balloon. And watch for signs that the dog is in distress. Not eating, does't have a bowel movement.if this happen you need to get him to a vet right away
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anne g answered
We have dogs at work that have eaten strange things in the past and they often pass it ok. If it does not pass through them or bring it up you should talk to your vet.
Alan Profile
Alan answered
Should be ok, he will just poop the balloons at some stage.
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Katie Kroeger answered
Well when my labrador ate a balloon she just pooped it out but it depends  I guess on the size.
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Michelle Phy answered
Wow, if he really did you better get him to the vet immediately! It will most likely wrap around its intestines but once in awhile it will safely pass. I would not take any chances.

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