How do you tell if your dog has a punctured lung?


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The main thing that you will notice if your dog has a punctured lung is noisy breathing. A punctured lung will cause your dog to pant a lot more, or you may hear shallow breathing or gasping when your dog breaths. Some dogs may be naturally noisy breathers or may pant a lot, but if you notice this change in your dog then you must take them to your veterinary surgeon straight away. They will be able to examine your dog, give you a proper diagnosis and then tell what they advise as a course of treatment. However breathing problems are usually a definite symptom of a punctured lung, but don't assume it is this, there could also be other problems.

If your dog has sustained a punctured lung then it is likely that they are in pain, but obviously they will not be able to tell you. If you are up for it, gently press your dog's chest (very gently!) and see if they reveal any signs of pain such as whimpering. This method is not advised unless you are used to handling dogs. If you know that your dog is in pain then you must not give them any human pain medication. You should contact an emergency veterinarian as soon as possible and get them seen to. Sometimes the only cure can be time, but surgery or medication may be the answer. Your veterinarian will probably prescribe pain pills to your dog to help.

If you cannot get your pet to a veterinarian straight away then you need to try and keep your dog as still as possible so that they do not do any more damage to their lung. Avoid taking them out for walks and do not let your pet near another dog. If they need to relieve themselves then let them out in your back yard. Don't risk taking them out near others until you have seen a veterinarian.

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