How Can You Tell If A Cat's Tail Is Broken?


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It would be jutting off to one side
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You have to bring your cat to the vet.
I had to have my cat's tail amputated a few months ago. He came home after being gone for a couple of days and his tail wasn't moving. It was just limp. It would just hang there and when part of it would rest against the floor while he was standing up to eat, for example, it would just bend at a hard angle. It just didn't look right. He would not move it at all. Later I noticed he had some scrapes along the length of it, and some bruising. The bruises were very dark.

I brought him to the vet and she gave him Metacam ( a non-steroid anti-inflammatory pain killer) and some antibiotics. She said that we would have to wait a couple of weeks to see if he'd regain some feeling or some movement in his tail. He did regain some feeling and was able to move it slightly, eventually, but the bruising and the damage to the skin was so severe that the skin turned as hard as dried leather. The skin was just dead and began to separate from his tail. Some of it would just fall off leaving a huge hole that just kept getting bigger. The skin & fur section of his tail was just hanging on like a loose 'glove'. It was just one giant scab with fur on it. So the vet amputated it.

You should check his (or her) paws too for bruising or sores which would indicate that he might have gotten in an accident of some sort.

I hope your cat is ok, but please bring him to the vet. :-)

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