At What Age Can You First Give A Kitten A Bath With Flea Shampoo?


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8 weeks old depends on the brand of the shampoo so be sure to read the label. If needed though, you can always give the kitten a bath with plain old dawn (NOTHING ELSE) it's mild enough so it shouldn't hurt the kittens skin-but only do this no often than once a week
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You can use dawn dish washing liquid instead and johnson's tear free shampoo! Do a good lather and let it set for about 5 mins! BTW don't put the soap directly on the cat or dog! Lather in your hands 1st b/c you could rinse the poor animal for weeks and never get the mess out! Lamo
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Baby shampoo instead
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8 weeks no less,fleas can be a killers for young babies

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