Would Johnsons Baby Shampoo Kill Fleas?


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Johnsons Baby Shampoo is actually quite effective against fleas. When our dog was suffering from a flea infestation, I decided to try using baby shampoo.

I figured if it's mild enough to use on a baby, then using it on a dog wouldn't do any harm. The results were actually surprisingly good.

Baby shampoo to get rid of fleas

I'm not really sure how bad the flea infestation actually was on our dog, I saw a few of them crawling around her ears and decided to whisk her away to the bath as a precaution. But after drying and combing her, there was genuinely no evidence of live fleas.

I managed to comb out quite a few dead ones, but there was literally not one flea left hopping about.

In my opinion, the main thing to do when using baby shampoo as a flea treatment is to give your dog a very thorough scrubbing.

I'm guessing that with a lot of those vet-bought treatments you may not need to put in as much physical effort, but I'd recommend working up a really good lather if you're just going to use baby shampoo.
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As this shampoo is a non-tearing shampoo, soak the animal well enough with it, then the fleas will be killed.
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Use Dawn Dishsoap to kill fleas. On the bottle of Dawn is clearly states "saving wildlife for over 25 years". I have used it on my 4 cats and numerous other animals for 22 years and never once have I had a problem with it. The fleas are dead and clearly visible in a matter of seconds. Note; a flea comb is required to get around eyes and nose, since I wont use any soap/shampoo near eyes even if a baby shampoo. But Dawn dishsoap works.

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