Can Feline Leukemia Be Transferred From Cats To Dogs?


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They are right, feline leukemia can NOT be transmitted to the canine family.  However, FeLV is NOT a cancer.  It is a virus that CAN turn into a cancer.  It's like HIV for humans.  No one actually dies OF AIDS, they die OF the disease they caught because they had AIDS.  The FeLV is only a virus but it can EASILY be transferred from cat to cat.  If you'd like to know more about FeLV just look it up, it's very easy to find out about and Wikipedia is a good place to start as well.  It will include some history with the naming that oh so commonly confuses us ignorant people.  
It was a great question though.  Don't let anyone make you feel stupid for asking it, I asked it myself.  You and I were just trying to keep our pets safe!  I hope your cat is doing well!
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Overwhelming epidemiological evidence suggests FeLV is not transmissible to either humans or dogs.the simple logic is that FeLV(feline leukemia virus ) infect only the members of feline family and dog is from canidae family so don't worry secondly Leukemia is a form of cancer that effects blood cells of family of feline family and there is lot of difference between blood cells of feline and canidae family so dear if your dog does not have the cells structure on which Felv attacks why to worry .

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The infection can get transmitted through the cat’s saliva or close contact but this transmission can only be done from one cat to another but a dog doesn’t get infected with it.
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Hell no its way to much impossible for it to be spread to dogs because feline leukemia only runs in well, felines thats why its called feline leukemia. Duhhh!

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