How Old Does My Kittens Have To Be To Be Given A Bath With Baby Shampoo To Get Rid Of Their Fleas?


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Brenda Bevan answered
Use Dawn dish detergent on kittens too young for a flea spray. This only kills the adults, so when eggs hatch in two weeks, you must do it again. Get Adams flea spray. And use it when the kitten is old enough. You will never have fleas again.
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Okay ummm
Let me think

Over 6 weeks old should be okay it depends if your cat has an allergy or something
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To the best of my knowledge baby shampoo won't kill fleas. After all, if its gentle enough for a baby, it won't kill a nasty flea. I have given cats baths with flea shampoo and never saw a flea in the water. I don't have much faith in flea shampoos. I'd call the vet to get some professional advice.

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