During Walks, My Dog Has Suddenly Started Stopping. Then She Refuses To Walk, Even If I Pull Or Tug Her. Please Can You Help?


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This problem is relatively common in dogs but, luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do to rectify it!

However, what is relatively unknown is why a dog may just suddenly stop wanting to go for for a walk.

The best ways to change this kind of attitude in your dog are rather simple:
  • Change the route: Don't keep walking your dog on the same route each day, instead take him/her to completely new surroundings, where there are new smells and a new environment. This should put the enthusiasm back into your dog!
  • Change the time of the walk: If you can, change the time when you take your dog for walkies. Try going either a little earlier or later than usual, and see if this gets your dog's enthusiasm going!
  • Change how long the walks are: Maybe try shortening the walks, so your dog doesn't become as tired. Try shorter, but more frequent walks.
If your dog has no energy whatsoever, then you may have to take it to the vet.

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