What Is The Difference In Temperament Between Male And Female American Pitbull Terriers? Is It True That The Female Is More Jealous With Their Owner?


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I think yes it is true my American staffordshire is very jealous if my boyfriend gives me any type of affection she is right in between us and she wants his attention and shes been like that since day 1 we have had her for almost 5 years and shes been with both of us  her whole life
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Females protect kids and women more because of thier maternal instincts. Males can also be just as protective depending the love they are shown and by whom n by the way does this look like a cold hearted killer?
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Is not the breed of the american pit bull whose dangerous towards children. Its the cruel selfish owners who teach theses wonderful american pitbulls to attack. For those uneducated viewer read about by theses cases occur. Its not the dogs fault its the way theses cruel dog owner raise their dogs. The american pitbull is the second best  obedience dog. There many other dogs even small dogs whom have attack infant baby but whose fault is it. The adult meaning the owner of the dog. Is like a parent raising a child not judge without having the facts
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ok I hear all your statistics, I really do. Still, nothing ever comes close to proof right in front of your eyes and I rescued a 2yr old pitbull from a shelter. She had been there only a week after living on the streets her entire life so you they didn't have any time to formally train her. I have two other dogs in my house, a ridgeback and a chi-weenie, who she has never had any issues with. I also had a roomie wit a toy chiuauaua, she used to try to antagonize my pit by nibbling on her face and she just lays there.  I lived in a rural neighborhood and she houdinied out of the yard. 20 minutes later and 3 blocks over I found her camped out in a yard belly up and being rubbed by some neighborhood kids riding bikes and scooters. Naturally it made me anxious, until she started to leave to yard on a regular basis to go find these kids at the neighborhood amenities!! Like really?? She is not warm to just any person, especially if I am wary. Kids though, are without a doubt her favorite people. My chi-weenie is much less accepting of kids and people. I really wish people would quit targeting pits and cimpare those studies against dalmations, or other breeds that have documented aggression. I had a dobberman and a rotweiler bite me in the face as a child. As well as the family lab that attacked my brother and i, yet you don't  see me bashing those breeds. It all depends on the dog, the owner, and the environment the dog is in. My pit is the biggest sweetheart ever and generalizing the breed is not the way to go...

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People say a lot of the time that female dogs protect kids.than also they can be as protective as a male dog.
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Why are you even considering a pitbull with a child? Ever notice that every person in the news whose child has been killed by one says that the dog never showed any aggressive tendencies before? Well, obviously, if they had already killed a kid, the dog would have been already euthanized, so clearly that was the first incident. How stupid to say it was the first incident. I've owned dobes, shepherds, borzois, and now a standard poodle never with a problem. Pitbulls have been so poorly bred that they're ruined as a breed. Why not get something stable if there's a child involved? I don't get it. My standard poodle lets my 21 month old roll on her, yet growls and postures when the doorbell rings to protect us. Females are inherently protective. On the flip side, according to the LA SPCA, of human fatalities due to dog attacks, of the 28 pitbulls responsible for a fatalities between 2000 and 2001, 26 were males and two were females. Of the 26 males, 21 were sexually intact; the reproductive status of the remaining five male dogs could not be determined. The male dog that killed the 12-year-old boy in San Francisco on June 3 was protecting his female dog in heat. So you want to put a pitbull with your child, go ahead. At least get a female & have her spayed so she doesn't make more of her kind. I just recently had a friend's old dog attacked by a pitbull deemed safe by the local shelter, and they had the pit for only for two weeks. The other dog died.

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