My Dog Suddenly Became Limp, She Can't Walk Or Even Stand Anymore; It's Like Half Of Her Body Is Numb. Although She Eats And Drinks Well. Help! What Happened To Her?


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Sound to me like your dog had a stroke. Any reason why you haven't told a vet about this problem or taken your pet to a vet???? CALL A VETERINARIAN!!!
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Jihan Hirai
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I already did but we have to wait for the result of the blood test...She's ok now, it was just a bad case of dysmennorhea, it was her first time to have her period and I guess it was quite a shock for her. She's fast recovering and is already playing with us and running around. =) I'm very happy. Thanks for your answer.
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Same thing happens to my dog,he's trying to stand but will fall back .someone told me to deworm him and I did. And luckily he got better!

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