My Dog Can't Walk Suddenly,why?


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There are many different things that could cause a dog or any animal to lose the use of their legs either gradually or suddenly.  Seen in some dogs, they can have a pinched nerve and even sometimes a dislocated spine.  These things prevent the dog from getting up, either from the pain or an actual inability to move.  Poisoning can also cause your dog to stop moving around and exhibit as general and then worsening lethargy and disorientation.  If poisoning is suspected, give a full glass of milk immediately while getting things together to head to the vet right away. 

Issues with mobility can range from old age to injury or illness.  In my experience with dogs, it’s not uncommon to have one of several who will enjoy a long walk and then not move for hours from their cool resting spot in the shade.  I’ve also seen digs become sick from unknown poisonings and watched as they slowly deteriorated because it was too late to do anything about a poisoning at that point.  These are extremes and meant to highlight the broad generalization referring to dogs not being able to walk.  This is an issue best addressed with your vet immediately. 

Sudden onset of symptoms will usually mean injury or illness is likely the cause of the behavior that has you concerned.  Any sudden changes in an animal’s patterns or temperament should be immediately addressed with your veterinarian.  In some cases, when injury is involved there is little to be done to assist the animal further and euthanasia would be the humane thing to do.  In other, much happier cases, there is minor injuries that caused the initial issue and time can repair and restore the use and function of the legs making your pet again a healthy happy member of your family.
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I have the same problem. My Little puppy use to walk around and be a puppy, then he started to lose his voice and now he can't walk, he has no use of his back legs its like they just gave in. He's very week still and tries to pull himself up with his front paws but he struggles a lot.. I have taken him to two different vets and they say they can't find the problem and maybe he got poisioned but he's been giving so much medication from the vet, that now they say we can only hope he recoverys or if worse comes to worse have him put down, I just can't bring myself to that conclusion, he is so dear to me, just to come home and see his face and his tail wagging even though he can't walk breaks my heart every time. My heart truely bleeds for him. If anyone can help please let me know....
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Our dog has had xrays she hasn't got any broken bones. She can't walk properly on her back legs her temperature is 39 degrees what could it be
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Regardless of the cause your dog needs to be examined by your veterinarian immediately.  Acute paralysis may be due to trauma, intervertebral disc rupture, infectious diseases (like tick born diseases), vascular event, or other neurological problems.  Your dog will need diagnostic testing and supportive care.
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We took her to the vet. She has arthritis in her hips. There is alot of inflammation. We have her on meds and she should recover quickly. If not, surgery will be the next step.
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Displacia is a common problem is some breeds. Their front paws work, the problem is in their hind quarters. Only a vet can tell you.
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Like he said the dog needs to be examined one reason could be he's tired try again later or he's probably has a kind of disease in his leg(s) god forbid I am not a dog lover but I do not like the fact that animals are in pain
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Displacia is a common problem is some breeds. Their front paws work, the problem is in their hind quarters. Only a vet can tell, don be so worried

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