Can You Help With My Dog? My 11 Year Old Lab Has Been Having Trouble Walking On Her Back, Right Leg. It Seems To Give Out On Her And She Falls Down. She Really Hates Steps And Refused To Go Up Them Lately. Her Foot Has Also Turned She Was Stepping On The Top


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Our 11 year old Lab had the same problem and it was Arthritis, we gave her Medication 1 pill a day for the last 6 months.  He had good days and bad.  On Monday I came home and he was just laying there. He always greeted me at the door.  He refused to eat or drink dinner on Monday night. I'm sorry to say he was unable to stand at all on Tuesday morning, we carried him to vet and he gave him a large dose of steroid's. The vet told me he was fading fast and we had to put him to sleep on Tuesday.
We Loved him very much. The vet said he either had nerve damage or blew a disk.  Have you vet recheck your best friend.  Make sure they are not suffering>
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My mother-in- laws 11 Rottweiler has the same problem, she was told that it was Hip dysplasia, If your dogs not in pain yet she will be from what we understand it is very painful, the cold weather can worsen the condition too we were told to lay a heating pad on low in her bed to help with the pain...I hope this helps
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My dog has the same problems and I was told it could be the early onset of arthritis? I give my dog green limp muscle that you can buy from the health shop. The vet said to give her half a pill a day.

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