Should I Buy A Male Or Female Chihuahua Puppy And What Do You Suggest?


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Depends on a couple things...
Think of it this way..

Sometimes when they get really excited, they will pop, and spray all over stuff.

Cons: You either got to get them "fixed" or deal with them giving birth to puppies, and everything in between.

I have a male Chihuahua. He is great! I love him so much, I wouldn't sell him for $1,000,000!
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Well both male and female puppies are good you can buy any one you like. But I think that the female puppy is better than the male puppy. The male puppies are generally naughty and they will give you tough time to handle as compared to the female puppy. The female dogs are clam and you will feel comfortable by keeping the female dogs. The ratios of barking in female puppies are less than the make puppies. They have very rare habit of biting as compared to the male dogs. This is great breed in the dogs. These are very smart dogs and very intelligent.

Both male and female have generally same habits. You can buy any dog this is good dog for female dogs are much comfortable to deal with as compared to the male dogs. So I would recommend you to purchase a female dog. The most important thing is you need to check where the dog grew up so it means most of the habits of the puppies depend on their environment. So always check up the environment before purchasing any dog. So these are the factors you should keep in mind before purchasing any Chihuahua puppies.
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Females don't constantly mark their territory like my male cockapoo does. It is better & you can train them to puppy pads. I would personally get the dog spayed too around 6 months, they do bleed during seasons & can make a mess. I say a female who is spayed is a good one to have.
You need to have them vaccinated especially against Parvo Virus as it is deadly for dogs.

It can be costly, with the flea stuff treatments & vet treatments, but it is like a child. You would do for your kid. Unfortunately people don't think about this.
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It has been our experience that a female is best if you have a family. I have been told that the best way to judge a puppy is by it's mother. If she is mellow and has a good temperment, the pups will be too, as long as they are not mistreated.
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We have three females and they bark more than than our male, but they all sing really good.
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We have a female and LOVE her.  She is sweet sweet sweet.  But I bet you can't go wrong with a male either.  Only thing with a girl is you have to deal with all the girl stuff such as monthly periods.

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