Why Would A Chihuahua Puppy Loose His Hair On His Head?


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Erik King answered
It might have a rash or dry skin on its head causing it to scratch the hair off its head, or it could even be from a rash itself making its hair fall out. I would just watch the dog close and see what it does and check the spot on its head and see if you can notice anything.
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Ronnie Maye answered
It may be suffering from stress. While this may sound frightening, it may have mites...not ticks, mites. On a lighter note, do you bath him or her? You have to be careful not to bathe puppies too often. It isn't good for them. Also, if you are giving him/her a bath, the shampoo you are using might be too strong. Are you applying any types of medicines like flea powder or advantage, frontline, etc? That can be a cause. Keep an eye on the pup and if it persists, you may have to see your vet. Good Luck.
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Maddy Leigh answered
Maybe its scratching its head to hard
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It is most probably red mange ..your vet can give  you options for curing it but by far the best cure for red mange is Interceptor heartworm tablets..I gave them to my puppy for 2 months and it is gone..he started growing hair back almost immediately

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