I Have A 6 Year Old 5lbs Chihuahua, I Gave Him Amoxicillin For An Infected Tooth,"Got It At The Feed Store". Last Night He Broke Out In Hives And Had Trouble Breathing! I Gave Him Some Children's Benadryl. My Husband Would Not Allow Me To Take Him To. What To Do?


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Your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  Infected teeth do not resolve with anti-biotic treatment.  Typically by the time you are seeing the infection--blood, pus, very smelly breath--the infection is at the tooth root and it needs to be extracted.  Chihuahuas are prone to dental disease and need dental cleanings yearly.  I suspect your dog has more than 1 bad tooth that needs to be extracted.
Never give medication without consulting a veterinarian.  I doubt the feed store dose of Amoxicillin is correct for a small Chihuahua.  
Your dog had an allergic reaction to something--it may be the Amoxicillin or could be unrelated.  Anaphylaxis (severe shock) can be life threatening.  A main sign of this is trouble breathing.
He needs to help of a veterinarian--the best thing you can do is get him in for an examination and appropriate treatment.
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Why would you allow your husband to not allow you to do anything, if you love and are worried about your dog, which it sound as though you should be. Take him to the Vet.
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NEVER EVER give medications to a dog this small and delicate without a veterinarian prescribing it to your dog.Also a human medication could be DEADLY to a dog. Only because dogs do not naturally feed on the herbs and other vegetation in the medicine. Please don't give any more "stuff" to your dog unless a vet gives it to your dog. I hope your little poochypoo is okay and the hives go away.


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