I Have A 15 Lb Jack Russel- Chihuahua Mix Female And I'm Afraid That My 35-40lb German Shepard-Pit Bull Male Has Gotten Her Pregnant. Should I Be Worried That The Size Of The Puppies Could Kill Her Because I Can Not Afford Vet Care?


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Hello there and Merry Christmas Eve! I do not see the puppies killing her. However, there can be certain complications with pregnancy/labor that can occur. French Bulldog's for instance must have cesarean sections because the puppies have large heads and Mommy dog has a narrow birth canal. Judging by the weights of your dogs, it sounds like she would be ok. On the plus side, 98% of pregnant dogs have no complications and do not need any human assistance or intervention when they give birth. I do suggest having your dogs spayed and neutered. When male dogs are not neutered they can develop prostate cancer, enlarged prostates, or testicular problems. When females are not spayed they may develop a condition known as a pyometra which is an infected uterus and can be deadly. When we decide to give an animal a forever home, we make a sort of promise to them to care for them. That means that we ensure they have food, water, shelter, medical care, and love. I have 5 dogs and 13 cats and thank goodness I am a Veterinary Technician and get a break on food and medical necessities. If I had $5.00 left, my animals would eat before I would. I am not saying that is the "smart" thing to do, but that is what I would do. I think of my pets as my children, and if my child needed medical attention, I would find a way to ensure they got the attention they needed. If you can not afford to get them spayed or neutered on your own, there are state programs that can help you out depending on where you live. I hope that this has helped and put you at ease a bit. There is tons of information on the web about pregnancy in dogs and the signs and symptoms to look for. Until you figure things out, I suggest that when your girl goes into heat, you keep her and your boy seperated. Have a wonderful holiday!!
Jennifer - VT, Certified ACO
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Is your female dog the size of a Jack Russell or a Chihuahua? It makes a difference because it is said that Chihuahua's are the most difficult breed to take care of while breeding as the delivery often kills the mother or the litter. However, Jack Russell's deliver puppies normally all the time and there is no problem with them. I think that if your dog is pregnant, all you can do is take care of her well and make sure that in case you have to take her to a vet in an emergency, you have some money saved up to get the vet to deliver the puppies for her.

Start by making sure you increase her feed by 10% after the fifth week, doing so every week till she gives birth. Provide her with lots of water, and prepare a whelping box for her so she can get accustomed to it. If on the day of delivery you think she is in trouble, you should call your vet and have them deliver the puppies for you, however I don't think there should be a problem.

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You must take her to the vet don't worry about the cost I'm sure the vet will work something out they wouldnt like to see any dog die . She is too small to have the puppies they will grow too big and she wont be able to give birth and also you shouldnt let her go by 5 weeks  the damage they will do to her so its best to get her pups aborted now you don't want to lose your dog for life please go to the vet now you will never forgive yourself if she dies you have to do whats best for your dog after you are its owner who she looks upto don't let her down. Yours Dean
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I would be very concerned that these puppies would be to big for her to either carry full term or to give birth to them without a c-section,be very careful and keep a watchful eye. Good Luck

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