I Need Information On Pregnancy In Deer Chihuahua's?


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Deer Chihuahua's have the same kind of pregnancy as other types of Chihuahua, however, since these are such small animals, it is recommended that only very experiences breeders try to breed them. They have many complications when it comes to delivery, and many die during the whelping, pups can also be born premature. If your chihuahua is pregnant, then you need to give her 100% care to make sure she and the pups are healthy.

First change her diet. Check out different brands, and make sure you are giving her top quality food. If the mother is healthy, so will the pups. She will also eat more, so make sure you increase her feed every week.

Secondly, you need to visit the vet more frequently, both before and after she gives birth. Get the scans done to make sure the pups are developing well and make sure the mother stays healthy during her pregnancy.

Third, if you are not an experienced breeder, it is recommended you get a local vet to be present when she finally gives birth. The vet will make sure the pups are born as smoothly as possible and that the mother is healthy. Provide her with a clean place to give birth, a whelping box is recommended, and keep the father away from the mother and puppies for a while.

The pregnancy will last 9 weeks, so be gentle with her during this time. Let her rest, and she will probably want to be in a quiet room most of the time, but make sure you keep checking on her.

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