My Dog Is Lethargic, Seems Disoriented,seems Off Balance She Is Eating And Drinking I Have To Give It To Her Though, Can You Help?


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Problems of maintaining balance in dogs can be due to vestibular syndrome. Vestibular system is responsible for maintaining balance. This includes both central and peripheral vestibular systems. Peripheral vestibular disease is most common cause of balance problems in dogs. This disease can develop due to ear infection, polyps in ear, toxic reactions of some medicines, head injury and hypothyroidism. Central vestibular system can be affected by brain tumors. Symptoms of vestibular syndrome are
  1. In coordination
  2. Circling
  3. Falling
  4. Rolling
  5. Drunken walking
  6. Head tilt
  7. Eye drift
Different investigation tools like laboratory and radiological tests are employed to diagnose the cause of this problem but sometimes, cause is unknown. S, it will be good to discuss balance of your problem with your local vet.
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It could be just an ear infection but it could also be more serious.if your dog is disoriented and off balance I would strongly suggest taking it to the vets.
My dog was similar (but with other symptoms as well) she very quickly deteriorated and we nearly lost her.
I doubt that it is anything as serious if she is still eating but I really think that you should take her,

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