When Puppies Begin To Open Their Eyes, Does This Mean They Can See? Or Do They See Shadows?


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Renee Collins answered
Usually they open their eyes around 2 weeks of age. So be patient, it should be anyday now. If it looks like their eyes are matted or anything then wipe them gently with a warm wash cloth.
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They see shadows at first, then in another week or so they will start seeing objects.  Kinda like newborn babies.  Good-Luck
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The are just shades of dark colors, and figures, then they start to see shadows, and then darker colors, lighter colors, a bit blurry vision, and then the sight is about 100% clear. I hope I helped. :)
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It takes about 2 or three weeks for a puppies eyes to open
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Alec Trehfyde answered
1-2 weeks old is when they usually open
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My female Lab had her litter 7 days ago. She had 10 puppies, 6 female and 4 males. When will there eyes open? By the way, they are all adorable. Thanks

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