Are Kittens Sick When Their Eyes Are Dirty?


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If everything else about the kittens behaviour is normal, then while they may not be "sick", they may have conjunctivitis or an eye infection which requires medication from a vet. (Is the eye discharge green and/or sticky?) Conjunctivitis is extremely contagious so it's important to keep the affected kittens eyes clean. Gently wipe with a cotton ball soaked in cooled (previously boiled/sterilized) water, twice a day, making sure you wipe from the inside (near the nose) to the outer corner of the eye, and use a new cotton-ball for each eye to avoid cross contamination.  You can also use luke-warm, very weak tea (no milk, no sugar) in the same way, though this is not a good idea if your kitten is white around the face, as it can stain.
If the eyes are dirty with small black/brown crusty bits, it can just be 'sleep" like we get.   Depending on how old the kittens are, the mother will clean them, or they will clean themselves .. Sometimes they're not too good at cleaning their faces well ~ it takes time to perfect!  Again ...   Cooled sterilized water can be used to gently clean the eyes.
If the eyes do not improve in 2-3 days, a trip to the vet will ensure the right treatment is given. Sometimes the cold boiled water will do the trick, other times it requires antibiotic cream.

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