Can You Put Petroleum Jelly On Kittens Infected Eyes?


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H*** NO! D:
Petroleum jelly isn't even recommended for infected wounds on a human, let alone the EYES! Do you realize that's a form of crude oil that we also use for Gasoline to fuel our cars?? Not only would that burn terribly, a cat can rub at it and spread it INTO their eyelids, or worse yet, ingest it while cleaning themselves! If your cat has an infection ANYWHERE of ANY degree, take it to a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY! They will have the proper fluids and medicines to treat and kill the infection and the bacteria to keep it from spreading to their stomach, heart, and lungs, and it will be MUCH more humane to the animal.

There is never a "Granny Solution" or botched "Home Remedy" for treating an injured pet. Always go to a vet for help. Always.

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