When Is The Best Time To Breed Yorkies?


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1 1/2 year old but if the female is tiny 2 years
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KR- myopinions answered
After you have carefully considered why you want to breed and the responsibilities (to your dog and the pups you produce and the people who they become companions to) and risks involved and whether or not you can afford it. If your female is under 5 pounds it's not recommended or considered responsible breeding as well. After they are two or at least third heat cycle and have been tested clear for many of the health problems plaguing the breed lately like knees, heart, hips and liver and kidney function and get them CERFED at a minimum. There's a lot more to breeding than just having pups and we are always risking our female's life. The best thing to do is consult both your vet and find a mentor. Also do A LOT of independent research on responsible breeding and breeding Yorkie's responsibly in particular. Here's some places to get started.

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