What Age Should You Stop Breeding Your Male And Female Yorkie?


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Not really sure of what age,BUT I do know that you are only supposed to breed a dog--2--times,and that is all,you're not supposed to breed them more than that.and with a small breed your not to mate them with any bigger dog cause it'll hurt their insides.and it can kill them. Bye,jamie
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Jamieann1 ----it is not 2  total it is 2 a year you are not soposed to breed----- but as far as age it depends on your dog when they don't look like they are bounceing back from the last little it is done for them but it can range from 6- 10 I have seen some 11 yr old but I would say for a good female and olny breeding her evey other heat cycle then 9-10 ys of age

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