Where Can I Buy A Yorkie Puppy For My Children?


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A pure Yorkie Puppy is not cheep. Usually it is expensive. You have not mentioned where you live? It was easy to tell you the address of the breeders in your town. Anyhow, I am giving you few links which might be help you for the purchase of  Yorkie Puppy. The links are Buy A Yorkie Puppy1, Buy A Yorkie Puppy 2, Buy A Yorkie Puppy 3.
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Hello dear are you still looking for the Yorkie puppy? If yes get back to me  I will only give her to you for a lower price if only you will take very good care for her waiting
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I have search all over the internet, not one single pup is any lower than a down payment on your car or a mortgage payment.  I've tried already, I looked I searched and I called. They want money out of your pocket. The thing is that everyone wants a small puppy. They have this idea of trying to sell the smallest puppy ever so since everyone want one they're willing to pay a good price for it. No one had given me a good reason expect for this one breeder. She told me that the reason for selling the dogs/puppies so expensive cause they can only breed these dogs once every 3rd season. They're too small to have regular 6-7 puppies at a time. They could only have up to 3 pups at a time, so that's why they're so expensive. Oh and you can expect the pricing on them champion bloodline. Go buy yourself a new car.
You be lucky enough to have a good friend who knows a good friend to give it to you for cheap, otherwise you can just give up hope. Remember, don't be fooled by those cheap $200-$400 ads and the free pup pay only shipping. All breeders will tell you that no breeder will sell a pup for cheap nor give them away and pay only shipping. I looked at a cheapest one that is 650 but you can tell it's not pure.
I've talk to someone from SierraOaks, she was selling a Silky Terrier(boy) for $650. I saw her photos and all but not sure whether she reduce or increase the price by now. I'm sorry I forgot to ask where you located. SierraOaks is in California.
I see some ad in Ohio, Montana, Texas selling the pups from $450&up and a couple in Florida.
Good Luck on your search. I'm sorry I didn't help you find a pup. I posted a question on here too about finding a yorkie pup.
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Keep in mind when you buy a puppy out of your state you must purchase a $300 + pland ticket for the little darling as yur $450.00 pup just turned into a $750.00 and you can't see if they are being raised in a puppy mill or someones home...spend a little more and shop's well worth it... It took me 3 and a half years to find my three darlings and THOUSANDS of dollars but it was well worth it..they are healthy and have awesome temperaments.
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At "pick of the litter" in Ruston !
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Hello guest the one that said dear who r you maybe can I buy a yorkie puppy from you for how much?

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