Is Carnation Milk Bad For Puppies?


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No pet stores carry mothers milk it's formula for puppies
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They should only be drinking their mother's milk or puppy replacement formula. Anything we drink causes diarrhea and upset stomach and does not have the necessary vitamins and nutrients that they need which is why they have their own. :-) If they are old enough not to need to drink from their dam anymore there isn't any reason to give them any milk at all and they can eat their regular dog food.

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It's not, just dilute it with water
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Yes, I think it can drink carnation milk.
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No, they are generally lactose intolerant which would make the puppy sick and lead to problems on top of that sort of milk not having the vitamins and nutrition needed for a puppy.
You need to get formula specifically for puppies and if very newborn you would also want to look for one with colostrum in it. For the first few days the Dam produces colostrum and not milk, it's where the pups get the bulk of their antibodies from.
You should have the vet (who may have what you need) or other experienced person show you how to care for and feed a puppy as it is very easy to make deadly mistakes with position, flow, timing, and temperature ect. Raising a newborn is a ton of work with a lot you need to know not to kill them and is a 24 hour a day adventure. A lot of work ahead of you, Good Luck. 

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