Are Rawhide Bones Bad For Puppies Or Dogs?


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Well some will say rawhide is a choking hazard....yes it has happened and maybe I'm wrong but I still give my dogs rawhide....and the vet I work for gives her dogs rawhide also, but only when we are there to watch them. It's hard not to give it to them when they love it so much and it is very good for their teeth. So as long as you monitor him with it then I would say a rawhide bone every once in awhile will not hurt.
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I always thought that rawhides were good for your pet to chew on, but recently, One of my Danes started vomiting constantly, and it was always full of rawhide pieces. If you read about rawhides on the internet, you will find that they are nothing more than treated cowhides, and the FDA has no regulations on those. They remove the hair from the skin by soaking the hides in an Ash/Lye solution, or in a Lime solution for 2-3 days, scrape all the hair off, then soak them in a bleach solution to make them white, then shape them while they are still wet. The rawhides made overseas have also been known to be treated with an arsenic based solution. They also cause GI obstructions, since they are nearly indigestible. I will never have another one of my babies chewing on another rawhide! They may enjoy them, but there's also a possibility that they are slowly getting poisoned.
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I gave my dog a rawhide he died an hour later
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My dogs have loved a Kong and fill the middle with peanut butter, they will spend hours chewing and licking at it, they are strong rubber that they can't chew up, and my vet actually recommended it to me. Best wishes
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Stop scaring people off by saying your dog died an hour later!
My dog eats them like crazy- always has done and she has not once had a problem

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