What Milk Is Best For Puppies, Baby Formula Or Cows Milk?


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You can make home made puppy milk also. It's 1 can of carnation milk , 1 can of water , 1 teaspoon on Karo clear. Mix together and put of stove bring to boil and put in bottles. At 3 - 4 weeks you can add puppy food in the can to the milk and mix well. Cut hole bigger in nipple and feed.
I have been breeding boxers for 2 years and I have bottle feed with the help of mommy dog every litter. My vet is the one who told me how to make the milk. My puppys leave me happy and vet healthy.
You can buy the already to feed puppy milk if you are loaded with money.
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Neither!! You need to buy milk replacement and bottles for puppies. Your puppy needs to be 6wks. Or younger to be on it, unless malnourished then you can mix it with dry puppy food (not adult) until they gain a healthy weight. You can buy milk replacement at animal specialty stores like Pet Co. Or if your tight on cash you can get it from Walmart. K.M.R. Is the best, but Walmart carries New Born or Just born and their own brand. I recommend the powdered kind instead of the pre-made. The pre-made is more expensive and you get less. You have to refrigerate either and what is left over from what you make for the puppy, if not it All will go bad and be a wast of money and not be good for the puppy. Once your puppy is old enough to be weaned slowly decrease the amount of formula that is mixed in with the dry Puppy food. Your puppy needs to be on puppy food until at least 12 months old, then they can be put on an adult food. Good luck and I hope you get what your puppy needs.

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