Yellow Discharge Leaking From My Female Dog What Is It?


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michelle wood answered
My dog also has this! From her private parts? Its a kind of stringy discharge! It doesnt seem to bother her! She is a 5month old lab, I have looked on loads of sites its quite common, some say vet told them to leave it and clean it, it will eventually go away , some say vet gave antibiotics and some say its the beginning of her starting her periods! Think I might watch it for a week n see how she gets on then take her to vet if it persists, let me know how you get on x ,
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KR- myopinions answered
You may want to be more specific. Nose? UTI and vet. Ears or female parts? Yeast or other infection also indicating a vet visit is in order. Mammary gland? Also indicates infection requiring the vet. Better to call them probably. :-) Good luck.

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