If a dog is sad everyday what does that mean?


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They love to please their companions and if you aren't stimulating him or her with walks, exersize, games, attention etc.,then it might be simple boredom. If they can't burn off the inherent energy, you may get yourself a dog with too much time with nothing to do and then they might have to find it on their own accord and that could be chewing, barking, spinning. A heck a lot of bad behavior is manifested due to them being bored outta their minds.

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If a dog is sad then that means they aren't getting any companionship ! You may try to play with the dog or bring another dog to cheer him or her! But be fast, dogs don't look good sad;)

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My hound is a happy boy ! He just ate and is now sleeping on my bed ! lol
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I really like dogs but my parents don't. I love cats but I can't keep them. I like fishes but my parents say they are a big pain to keep now see I obey my parents so much!lol
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That's because you're a good and respectful young lady!
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He might be sick.

Or maybe he needs a new toy to play with.

Maybe he needs a day at the doggie park.

If condition persists for more than two weeks, consult your local animal expert. Hope he feels better soon.

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