Does It Mean A Dog Is Sick If Tongue Is Hot?


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No, not at all. A dog's tongue should be warm and damp and its changing temperature does not signify illness. The tongue will often change temperature; for example, after a long sleep it may be warmer due to slowed breathing and breathing through the nose, whereas after a walk it may feel cooler as the dog will breathe heavier and stick its tongue out in the cool air. This is all perfectly normal.

A dog's nose, on the other hand, should be cool and damp to the touch. This is due to it being cooled by the surrounding air. A dry, warm nose is more likely to signify illness than a warm tongue. In addition to this, some dogs get hot ears when they have a fever.

If your dog has other symptoms of illness such as tiredness, runny eyes, diarrhoea, sickness or general difference in personality then keep an eye on it, make sure it has plenty of water and give it food in small quantities. If it doesn't seem to get better within a couple of days or starts getting worse, it is probably best to seek veterinary advice. With animals, it is often a change in personality noticed by the owner which is the first sign of illness. A generally depressed dog which refuses a walk is usually the best sign it is feeling under the weather.
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Yes.. A dogs body temperature is naturally higher than ours, so to us it feels very warm... The normal range is 100.5 - 102.5 Fahrenheit (38 - 39.2 Celsius)... Anything over 103 is considered a fever, and unless he's been out playing very hard, you can assume you have a sick pup.

I wouldn't give anything just yet... If he did eat something he shouldn't have, you need to give his body time to eliminate it one way or another.

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No it does not mean that he is sick just because his tongue is hot, or even sometimes when nose is warm[as long as it is wet] dogs do not sweat to cool themselves off, they rely on their tongue to release the accumulated heat in their bodies, when they breathe. People think that Dogs stink, well bathe a dog and a human. After a week with no bath or hygeine products, or anything in hot weather, which will smell worse? That is providing neither of them went out and rolled in something nasty.
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When there's hot weather, it helps the dog keep himself cool. Probably if he did eat something spicy, then he'll stick his tongue out like we do to cool himself down. If we can survive so can he. :]
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A dogs tongue is normally warm. If it is hot then you probably do have a sick dog.
P.S that other guys answer was phenomenal
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My dog has been hiding in corners and clinging to me, his tongue is super hot and his nose is dry, is breathing is very rapid and heavy at times, help tell me if I should take to doctor now
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When I went to pick dog up he cried out and nipped at me and tongue is hot. What should I do for him
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Tongue of dogs is usually hot because dogs have body temperature 100.5-102.5 0F. If your dog tongue is very hot then it can be due to fever but you should measure his body temperature first. Lethargy in dogs can be due to fever but almost every disease in dogs causes lethargy. Most common causes are
  1. Fever
  2. Cardiovascular diseases
  3. Anemia
  4. Electrolyte imbalance
  5. Cancer
  6. Medicinal side effects
  7. Skin Diseases
  8. Eye disease
  9. Metabolic diseases
  10. Autoimmune disease
  11. Infection
All above mentioned diseases and many more also cause loss of appetite in dogs. Conditions of not eating for more than 24 hours can be dangerous in dogs, So, it will be better idea to take him to vet.
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A dogs tongue is pretty much always warm, my dog has never been ill, but her tongue is warm. But a vet would probably be best to check with if you're really worried about anything
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Now the super hot tongue is normal and the dry nose is normal, but showing signs of fear means your dog has been threatened. Do you have a fence? Stray dogs are known to come up to other dogs and if in the fence try to scare other dog or if your dog is on a runner like mine, it could try to fight the other dog and possibly kill it. You should see a vet and if serious treat dog with what the vet says to.

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