Can you put a band-aid on a dog's sutures so she will stop licking them? If not, what can I put on them so she is not licking them and they will heal?


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When my Golden Retriever was spayed we put on an old t-shirt to stop her licking the sutures.Her tail goes through the neck and her back legs through the arms.She may not look that elegant but it was very effective in stopping her licking them ! You can also get a Bitter Apple spray from larger pet stores that stops dogs licking from sutures as well.
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I wouldn't advise a bandaid. The dog may eat the bandaid and I'm not so sure its good for her. Most vets now but on these collars. They're made of plastic, in the shape of a funnel.. I'm not sure of the name of them but I'm sure your vet would know. Call and ask. If she keeps licking them, they could become infected. And you wouldn't want that.
Call and ask about the collar.
It will be safer for her.
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You could use one of those cone things you put around the dogs neck.
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Great answer, but they are expensive and my dogs would drag the heavy things across the floor. LoL. I have seen them made of paper, but can't seem to find them anymore. Some say to take a poster-board and cut in the middle for the dogs head. My dogs would have a heart-attack. LoL.
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Band aid won't stick cuz of there fur but u can get some gauze and try to put that on with some medical tape

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