What Insect Bite Leaves A Bruise And Two Holes?


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Generally spiders leave two holes after they bite you and so you should focus on pictures of spider bites to determine what more than likely bit you.

If it is swollen and itchy you will need to do something to remedy it and perhaps even consult a medical professional. This will give you peace of mind about the severity of the bite and let you know what to expect.

What Should I Do First?
First thing to do after you have determined what the bite looks like and the type of animal that may have bitten you, is to look at the discoloration of the skin. Compare the color to the pictures in the book to get a better idea of what it is. It may be red, white or even purple. Look through the book after you have taken note of the swelling and see if you can find a coloring and swelling that is the same color and shape as your bite. This will help you to immensely narrow down results.

What Next?
Now take note of the bugs that could leave you with such a bite, then you will see where they are situated. Narrow down the bugs or spiders from your region and you should have a very narrow amount and will more than likely know the type that bit you, how severe it is and what to do to remedy it.

There are many bites and to be honest it is highly unlikely in most cases they lead to anything but a bit of itching at worst. However, make sure to contact a doctor if you have any doubts, as the old mantra goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.
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I have what looks like a spider bite on the under side of my knee. There are two holes bitten right into my vein and as the vein spreads there are two deep blue bruises. I have no idea what caused this but I need answers!
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That might be a special kind of spider. When it bites, it stings (obviously) and after a few weeks, the spider bite will spread around the spot. Your infected spot turns brown and it kinda rots your skin....
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I had a bite rite above were my thumb and pointer finger are joined I woke up this morning fine and just noticed it in skool 2nd hour the holes are as big as the led of   a led pencil
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I am not sure what kind of bug it is.. As a small child while I was laying in bed one night, a bug sprayed something on my eye.. It turned my eye black like I had a black eye. My parents found the bug in my bed and flushed it down the toilet. They said it looked like a red beetle, and they have never seen one since.
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I have the exact same thing on my calves of BOTH legs. I don't know what bit me I assumed a spider or chigger. It looks like something put a napkin on it's neck and got out it's knife and fork because I have 2 HOLES as a result of this evil insect bite. HELP ANYONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THIS MIGHT BE !!!!
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I have a bite on my Big toe that is RED, SWOLLEN, OOZING, and HURTS LIKE HELL...   I also have RED SPOTS on the inside of my foot..   I am very worried about what this is....   Can any one PLEASE tell me what it might be....   Jenny

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